Langenburg Forum for Sustainability

According to the United Nations, more than seven billion people inhabit our planet. By 2050, that number is predicted to be almost 10 billion. All these people need water, food, and they long for improved living standards and a life in a clean environment.

The Langenburg Forum for Sustainability gGmbH creates a space for interaction and debate. Here, through conferences and at round table meetings, we grapple with the question of how the transition to a sustainable lifestyle and sustainable economic growth can be made in the era of exponential population growth.

On these grounds, the Langenburg Forum brings together decision-makers and lateral-thinkers, multipliers and start-ups from management, civil society and politics in topic specific forums.

The “Langenburg Forum for Sustainability” deliberately takes place in the Hohenlohe countryside: a region with strong medium-sized industrial enterprises and with the highest density of organic-farmland in Europe. The Hohenlohe region exemplifies deep roots in the local countryside, affirmation for the European Idea and global economic connectivity.

In its work, the non-profit Langenburg Forum for Sustainability can count on the support of the World Resources Institute as well as a wide network of advisory boards and partners.

The Langenburg Forum brings together relevant institutions and experts in the field of metropolitan regions and megacities, focusing in particular on the aspects of mobility, nutrition and digitization.

On May 15, 2018, the Langenburg forum organized a workshop as part of the Austrian World Summit. The afternoon session titled “Interaction of Cities and their Surroundings” dealt with the urban-rural nexus, particularly concerning nutrition and housing.  Together with the international experts, the Langenburg Forum sought to find a more sustainable interaction and joint development of cities and their rural surroundings.

Die Konferenz wird feundlich unterstützt von: