The Langenburg Forum for Sustainability encourages a joint exchange between participants to address progress towards sustainable living and business practices. Through a continuous dialogue, the Langenburg Forum pools the best ideas, economic management practices and political decision-making competences and brings them together at once, combining its regional roots with a European orientation and a global network.

The Langenburg Forum has gradually introduced new issue areas to its portfolio: The 2011 founding topic of sustainable food production and agriculture was joined in 2015 by the future of sustainable mobility and logistics.

New windows of opportunity are opening up in the field of sustainable economy and lifestyle: Renewable energies and the digitization of (economic) life offer great opportunities to reduce the ecological footprint of mankind and to enable social progress. At the same time, new dangers arise out of potential rebound effects and from social disparities. The Langenburg Forum therefore focuses on these potentially negative developments especially and takes them into account.


Die Konferenz wird feundlich unterstützt von: