Langenburg Forum 2011

On November 14th 2011 the first Langenburg Forum took place at the Langenburg Castle on the topic, “An International Comparison of Sustainable Agriculture.” The Langenburg Castle was chosen purposely for this Forum due to its geographic location („the Hohenlohe – Countryside at the Heart of the Organic Movement“).

The founding idea driving these first discussions in 2011 was to bring together decision-makers from the organic industry to shed light on previous developments in organic agriculture, to analyse existing challenges, and to build a broader international network to help the sector and individual sellers grow successfully.

Predominantly German and British participants exchanged ideas about successes in organic agriculture and the commercialisation of their products. In the process, weaknesses and areas of untapped potential were defined and ideas to meet long-term goals were developed.

2:30 pm Arrival at the Langenburg Castle

3:00 pm Discussion:


1. The role and responsibility of sustainable agriculture in times of global hunger crises.
2. Introduction of similar international initiatives and groups for sustainable agriculture, foods and commerce.

5:00 pm Discussion:


3. Potential opportunities for partnerships within the ISU and CPSL international network support.
4. Creating a guiding motif for the promotion of the organic farming sector and organic foods sectors.

7:00 pm Welcome by the Prince of Hohenlohe – Langenburg

“Hohenloher Dinner” with Speech by Prof. Dr. Claus Hipp

Die Konferenz wird feundlich unterstützt von: