Sustainable Cities

According to the United Nations, megacities and metropolitan regions have benefited strongly from globalisation. The accompanying population growth, economic growth, and ecological degradation means that managing urban centers has become one of the most pressing issues of the 21st century.

The Langenburg Forum for Sustainability provides a space for interaction and debate through conferences and at round table meetings. At Langenburg, we address such questions as how to reconcile economic prosperity with the limitations of natural resources and how to ultimately implement the transition to a sustainable future.

The fourth Langenburg Forum is entitled “Transforming Megacities – How Digitisation Can Help Create Sustainable Living Environments for 9bn People“. The Forum took place from June 8th to 9th 2017 in Langenburg, Germany and brought together approximately 120 selected guests from politics, business, academia and civil society.

Die Konferenz wird feundlich unterstützt von: